About Us

HANGI JAX & UMU LU is a small family owned business, located on the Northern Beaches – SYDNEY, established in 2016. We pride ourselves in providing top quality, fresh, wholesome, home cooked Hangi & Umu for everyone to enjoy at affordable prices.

Traditionally Hangi is cooked in the ground in baskets with hot rocks to get that unique, delicious Smoky flavor.

Since arriving back in Australia in 2007, we have been cooking in a special smoker oven and have found a way to reproduce the traditional smoky flavor here in Australia with the help of a secret ingredient. Our meat falls off the bone like our grandparents served it.

You Can Now Order Fresh NZ Kina & Paua!

We cook delicious and hearty meals with inspirations from all over the Pacific Islands. We also sell New Zealand Snacks and Chocolates imported directly from New Zealand.

Our skilled cooks and chefs also bake delicious desserts and treats just like they make back home!

Our hangi packs come in foil takeaway dishes ready to eat. Each meal contains 3 meat, veg and a large portion of nana’s stuffing.

We also have tasty Tongan dishes available too from the amazing Umu Lu.

We can cater to any dietary requirements. Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten and Dairy Free. Just let us know!

We have Vegetarian options available too!

We can also cater for parties and functions – 50% deposit to confirm order. Minimum order required for delivery. Bookings need to be preferably at least two weeks in advance. Call or TXT 0430 236 053.

Delivery runs and Markets will be posted on our Facebook page as an event (Please like our page to receive notifications)

We appreciate any and all feedback and suggestions! Is there something that you want that isn’t featured on our menu? Let us know!

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